Kimlyn Mc Shine is a gospel, soul music, classical, and contemporary musician from Montreal, Quebec.

 Taking into account the manner in which Kimlyn Mc Shine came into music, it's easy to see how her music has taken its present sound and form. Originally from the Caribbean island of Trinidad off the coast of Venezuela, Kimlyn began by singing in the church. Today, she remains a largely ecclesiastical performer.

 “I started singing in choirs as a child in the island of Trinidad,” she writes. “I migrated to Canada where I sang in choirs for over 10 years. I presently sing on my worship team at church for over five years now.”

 “It soothes the soul,” Kimlyn says of music. “It can change your mood in a heartbeat. Music can uplift your spirits when you are feeling a bit blue.”

 It's deeper for her than that, though, just as she writes music to affect her audience with a degree of profundity.

 “Music can be used to help you express your most deepest thoughts and emotions,” says Kimlyn Mc Shine.

 In addition to her music career, Kimlyn Mc Shine is also the author of 101 Life Lessons for Teenage Girls, available here.

 “I Say Come” was written, performed and produced by Kimlyn Mc Shine with composition by Joel Campbell, studio recording by Daniel Joseph at Mechanicland Studios, and mixing and mastering by Jesse Tolbert at Studio Mekka.

“I Say Come” by Kimlyn Mc Shine is available online worldwide from quality digital music retailers starting 26 August 2020. Getin early, soul and gospel music fans.

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